Due Sardi- 32 Kingsland Road

Nic Cage Sundays are a big deal over here in E-8te Towers (ok, we’ve only done it for four weeks so far but we’ve been really dedicated, carrying on without fail no matter how hungover we are). So it seemed only natural to suggest Nicolas Cage and E-8te should be united in holy, over-acting matrimony.

I had suggested pizza after walking past Base Pizza. And at some point we are going to have to eat there, as well as that sketchy curry house next to The Haggerston (which none of us have ever seen anyone in). But instead James vetoed, suggesting the more fancy pizza take-away next to Dream Bags & Jaguar Shoes called Due Sardi.

Here it’s worth noting that DB&JS also allow you eat Due Sardi pizzas in their hipster-filled bar, which is very lovely of them.

We mulled over the menu and phoned Iestyn (en route home from Brighton) to give him the options and also to make sure we have enough time to fit in Mr. Cage properly; see that’s how important NC Sundays are to us.

Before I continue with the review, I, we, James and myself have a small confession to make:

“Dear Iestyn, our beloved housemate,

 When we decided to order pizza, and consequently phone you for your order, James & I also ordered some Antipasto Sardo to eat. Upon delivery of our dinner, we had already had the oven on to keep all of our pizzas warm as your arrival wasn’t as imminent as expected. 

You may have noticed that yes, all three pizzas were intact but after reading this you may also notice that the Antipasto Sardo was not present.

We ate it.

The thing is, well I blame James really. He said it was ok and that we won’t tell you and we were hungry and that you didn’t know we had ordered it so you won’t notice.

Well there was one vital flaw in our greedy plan. You are probably reading this right now and crying so I can only apologise profusely.

And, well, if you’re not reading this now I take it back! What kind of friend are you? Not reading this blog! I take it back!

Yours sincerely,

James & Natalie”

So that antipasto that didn’t induce some kind of Edgar Allen-Poe guilt, wherein I could hear the tell-tale leftover pizza crusts in the rubbish bin, was ok. It came in a small, clear Tupperware boxes which has come in most handy. But it did mean that the entire contents of said box were coated in cured meat grease and olive juice during transit. Not the most appealing way to enjoy a chunk of Pecorino cheese.

And it all felt slightly too, warm. I guess this was to be expected. Maybe I was secretly hoping for some grand wicker picnic hamper to arrive; each individual antipasto item neatly packed away in its own separate Tupperware box. Those ones with the green lids you buy in a pack of 400 from IKEA and then have to throw away all the smaller ones because they can only store about five raisins.

Nevertheless we polished the lot off with guilty glee and, along with it, all the evidence.

With Iestyn home we dutifully handed out everyone’s pizzas and settled down to Raising Arizona. Maybe it was because we were so engrossed in the film, but we’re now not that sure what we actually ordered and subsequently ate. A bit of a failing on a food blog really.

I know James had ordered the Sfiziosa, with tomato, mozzarella, fresh sausages, peperoni [sic], ham and olives. I sampled a slice (note: the lazy buggers neglected to slice our pizzas up for us. We struggled with a bread knife haphazardly and mine ended up with more topping in the box that on the pizza) and the fresh sausage was particularly memorable.

I didn’t try Iestyn’s, but I do remember him ordering a pizza with gorgonzola, possibly the pancetta (tomato, mozzarella, bacon, onion, red endive and gorgonzola cheese) and was like a proud son when pointing out to James that he had ordered something with gorgonzola on, to which James responded with a ruffle of his hair and a loving, paternal smile on his face. It was a Werther’s Original moment if I ever did see one.

My pizza? Well, yes unashamedly I have also forgotten what I ordered. It definitely had aubergine on it as it was a particular struggle to cut the aubergine as well as bite into it.

It could have easily been the Verdure (tomato, mozzarella, peppers, grilled aubergine and courgettes), or just as easily, it could have been the Cala Gonone from the special pizza section (Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, aubergines, pepperoni, gorgonzola and Parmesan). All I can honestly remember is ordering extra anchovies (an absolute must in my mind for any pizza consumption – but only one half please). I am, certain that I almost ordered the Mare Monti, (Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, king prawns & olives) because my current obsession with seafood has gotten out of hand.

But James reminded me that seafood pizza is always a terrible idea. Take the one from Zizzi I had one lonely Boxing Day afternoon when I had to be driven from my parents’ home in Bedfordshire to work in a pub in Twickenham. The one I ate with two other girls, one of which had a particularly bad lung infection and had to get a cab from Greenwich to work. That pizza had whole, mussels in the shell on it, which were as much of a nuisance to pick out as it was sitting glumly at a table with someone who couldn’t physically talk and a handful of bored customers who protested loudly but unsuccessfully when I decided that I couldn’t be fucked and shut the pub at 8pm. That pizza was crap.

All in all the pizza wasn’t as memorable as the film. But it was as cheesy and predictable as Nic’s acting and we’ll have to see how it fares against the other pizza shops on Kingsland Road.



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