Troy – A Response

This arrived in the E-8te in box this morning. Seems my review caused offence to some of the people involved:

“Dear E-8te,

I am afraid I have to take exception to your description of our wonderful trip to Mamaris with Sunsail.

The ‘junior jibbers’ was a great concept and one you were unable to take part in because you were too old. Your sailing skills, I agree, were rather lackluster, but were still far superior to mine. You failed to mention the sensational scuba diving experience which, if you remember correctly was the raison d’etre for our holiday.

You also gave a long and very descriptive section about the breakfasts, which I don’t to remember, but failed to mention the fact that every adult was a doctor, nor did you mention the whitewater rafting or the fact we never went back again.

I was planning to sign off as grumpy from Bath, but I suppose it should be Indignant from India.

Love and Kisses


Indignant from India and the brains behind E-8te on a holiday. Not the one from the story, but another one. This one was rather better if my memory serves me correctly.

So there you are, although in my defence, I was saving the disastrous whitewater rafting story for another day and didn’t really want to share the tales of “Luscious Lucy” the scuba diving instructor until my therapist said I was ready to deal with those difficult memories again.

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